Music Filled the Air


On March 26, the Willow Road School held its Salute to America spring concert. This year's concert theme was developed through a collaboration of the music department, the fifth-grade teachers and the art department.

The fifth-grade art classes created fun-fact posters about the Presidents of the United States, which were used to decorate the gymnasium walls while beautiful American flags framed the stage.
The band and orchestra, directed by Cynthia Shannon and the chorus, directed by Kristan Nordquist, both presented outstanding performances.

The concert concluded with a spectacular grand finale set to the tune of Neil Diamonds' `Sweet Caroline'. Singing and dancing in their seats, students and parents alike all enjoyed a magnificent performance.


Every Penny Counts

During the month of March, members of the Willow Road Student Council focused their efforts on raising funds for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. The Pennies for Patients fundraiser has always been a successful way to not only raise awareness, but gather donations from the community to help fight these types of cancer.  

The Student Council distributed collection boxes to all of the classrooms and students at the beginning of March. Each week, the Student Council Officers would make an announcement to remind everyone to keep the change and donations coming. At the end of the month, the money was collected and counted by the members of the Student Council.  Many of the students gave up their recess time to help count the change that was collected.  

In all, the Willow Road Student Council collected $1,040.00 for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. Many thanks to all of the families, students, and members of the Willow Road faculty who donated to this very important and worthy cause. Every penny counts and makes a difference.

A Step Back in Time

James A. Dever fourth grade students experienced the unique opportunity to step back in time by visiting the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum. The children learned about the whaling trade and what life was like in the early 1800's. The students participated in several hands on learning activities including a scavenger hunt throughout the museum. They even recreated their own scrimshaw.

Future College Students

As part of a field trip to Molloy College, first grade students at Wheeler Avenue Elementary School stepped into the future and experienced firsthand how it feels to be a college student. The trip was organized thanks to the efforts of Wheeler first grade parent, Dr. Manyiu Tse, a professor at Molloy College.                                                                                                 

The students participated in various workshops, taught by a Molloy College professor that focused on an aspect of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math education). These workshops expanded upon the district’s own STEM curriculum and initiatives. Much to their delight, the enthusiastic students became scientists for a day by observing, programming computers, building circuits, and creating a chemical reaction. The students thoroughly enjoyed this unique and memorable learning experience. Special thanks to Dr. Tse and the professors and students at Molloy College who participated in this special event.

Jazz Up Your Life With Reading

The Howell Road PTA hosted its annual PARP (Parents As Reading Partners) program with a carnival. This year's theme was Jazz Up Your Life With Reading. The students were told about the reading program and the rules and encouraged to participate. Each student was allowed to play a game and each received a sticker and beads.

19 Art Students Recognized

The Board of Education recognized 19 student-artists on March 24 at its regular board meeting. 

Students earned the honor of having their artwork displayed at the Nassau County Art Teachers Association’s annual All-County art exhibit, which took place at Adelphi University and at an art show held at Stony Brook University. To be selected for the art shows, the students were required to demonstrate excellence in visual art forms.

“As you can see we teach to the whole child,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Adrienne Robb-Fund. 

The district extends its congratulations to the following students: Christopher Gutierrez, Zaara Hameed, Alena Moreira and Nicholas Nunez of the James A. Dever School; Maliha Azam, Giovanni Grey, Christopher Shavuo, Gurneet Kaur and Kayla Howard of the Howell Road School; Ahmik Muhammad, Andrea Pasinos, Casey Woluewich, Anaya Seemungal and Sara Roopnarine of the Wheeler Avenue School; and Eric Hernandez, Ahmya McMillan, Rebecca Testani, Lilianna Krsulic and Justyn Santos of the Willow Road School.

Spelling Bee Finalists Recognized

The Board of Education presented awards to four district spelling bee finalists, who each won the Scripps Spelling Bee competition held at each school in the district, on March 24 at its regular board meeting.  

The students all had the opportunity to compete in the Long Island Regional Spelling Bee, held at Hofstra University in February.

The Board of Education and administration extends their congratulations to Emily Seitz of the James A. Dever School, Leah Narain of the Howell Road School, Michaela Sinclair of the Wheeler Avenue School and Hannah Lee of the Willow Road School.  

Scientists and Surgeons for a Day

Sixth-grade students at Howell Road School had the unique opportunity to participate in an activity designed to enhance their science curriculum and provide valuable information about the heart and how it functions.

Students were able to dissect a cow’s heart and examine the various components of the heart to identify the similarities between a cow’s heart and a human heart.

The students worked in groups and collaborated on their findings. As a result of working on this project, several students expressed a heightened interest in pursuing careers in science research and medicine.

It's Your Birthday Dr. Seuss

Kindergarten and first-grade students at James A. Dever School participated in a weeklong celebration of the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Students read many of his beloved books and had the opportunity to complete projects that brought those stories and their messages to life.

The first-grade students learned all about Theodore Seuss Gisele, the famous author and illustrator. They also joined the kindergarten students in a special reading of Green Eggs and Ham. Together with their partner, each pair then completed a writing exercise about foods they did not enjoy eating. It was fun for the students to see how many other students felt the same way. Everyone especially enjoyed wearing hats and bow ties from The Cat in the Hat.

Reading and referencing Dr. Seuss’ books reinforced many of the skills taught in kindergarten and first grade. The students had the opportunity to expand upon their knowledge of rhyming, synonyms, antonyms and prepositions, as well as place value. The students also exhibited their understanding and love for Dr. Seuss by completing many wonderful writing projects. Navigating his website was the “icing on the cake.” It was a memorable and creative week for everyone involved in this very special birthday celebration.

Saturday, April 18, 2015