School Spirit and Patriotic Pride


As families, neighbors and community members lined the streets of Valley Stream, the Memorial Day Parade marched down Rockaway Avenue on Monday, May 25 starting at 9:30 a.m.

This year, the Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen marching band included more than 230 talented musicians. The band, directed by Mr. Soscia, Ms. Shannon, Mr. Panacciulli and Mr. Guidone, proudly marched demonstrating their patriotic pride and school spirit to the delight of enthusiastic onlookers. Both the students who marched and their families had a great time on a beautiful morning.

This was a bittersweet parade, however, since both Mr. Soscia and Mr. Panacciulli will be retiring at the end of the school year. The official parade whistle was passed to Ms. Shannon for next year.


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Safety Alert

May 8, 2015
The Fifth Precinct has just advised us that a person in a dark van may have approached students walking to school in the South Valley Stream and Lakeview area of the precinct. Although these events did not take place in our district, these events remind us to reinforce personal safety with our children. Our staff will be reinforcing safety and stranger danger with our students today and we expect you to do the same when your children arrive home.

The weather is warmer and children are playing outside more often.  

Thank you for your cooperation.
If you or your children are aware of similar situations, please contact the police and your school principal.

Wheeler Avenue students get Fooducated

Third and fourth-grade students at Wheeler Avenue School in Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen learned about making healthy food choices during an iGame4 Health & Nutrition Program that was presented at their school.

The interactive, hands-on presentation, which was led by iGame4 representative Andrew McBride, began with students viewing a short video that educated them on selecting healthy foods, including what types of milk to drink, the importance of nutrients and what types of grains are better than others. The children were then given an iPad mini and shown how to utilize Fooducate, an app that allows users to scan grocery items to find out if they’re selecting healthy foods.

Each grocery item scanned on the app is given a rating from A-D, depending on its nutritional value. Students also had the option to hit the tab labeled healthy alternatives to find a similar food item that was more nutritious.

“The goal of this program was to empower students to make healthy choices in their diets and to inform them about the healthy alternatives available,” fourth grade teacher Diane Gorman said. “It’s also something that can be expanded at home.”

McBride agreed saying, “The use of technology in the lesson allowed students to access a huge database of different foods, which they were encouraged to access in their own kitchen with their parents to help them make more healthy choices.”       

Annual Arbor Day Celebration


The Howell Road Annual Arbor Day Celebration was a memorable event and a tradition that students and staff look forward to each year. The entire school commemorated this special occasion by planting a blue spruce tree in the Howell Road schoolyard. Colorful perennials were also planted in the Reading Garden. The Howell Road PTA generously donated all of the plantings.

The Arbor Day assembly included the Howell Road color guard and members of the Student Council. Principal Frank Huplosky emphasized the importance of Arbor Day and everyone’s responsibility to take care of the earth. Crystina Windham beautifully sang the national anthem and a lovely poem was shared by the President and Vice President of Student Council, Nehilah Grand-Pierre and Jada Alleyne respectively. Board of Education Vice President Toni Pomerantz and Board Trustees Frank Chiachiere, Jeanne Greco Jacobs and William Stris joined students and members of the Howell Road family in the planting activities. It was a blooming celebration!


Using Math to Help Others

Wheeler Avenue students showed their concern and compassion for others by utilizing their math skills to help those in need. The students participated in the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital Math-A-thon and raised more than $1,000 by solving various math problems.

Not only did they demonstrate their math skills, they also made a difference in the fight against childhood cancer and other serious diseases.

Saturday, May 30, 2015