Jazz Up Your Life With Reading

The Howell Road PTA hosted its annual PARP (Parents As Reading Partners) program with a carnival. This year's theme was Jazz Up Your Life With Reading. The students were told about the reading program and the rules and encouraged to participate. Each student was allowed to play a game and each received a sticker and beads.

19 Art Students Recognized

The Board of Education recognized 19 student-artists on March 24 at its regular board meeting. 

Students earned the honor of having their artwork displayed at the Nassau County Art Teachers Association’s annual All-County art exhibit, which took place at Adelphi University and at an art show held at Stony Brook University. To be selected for the art shows, the students were required to demonstrate excellence in visual art forms.

“As you can see we teach to the whole child,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Adrienne Robb-Fund. 

The district extends its congratulations to the following students: Christopher Gutierrez, Zaara Hameed, Alena Moreira and Nicholas Nunez of the James A. Dever School; Maliha Azam, Giovanni Grey, Christopher Shavuo, Gurneet Kaur and Kayla Howard of the Howell Road School; Ahmik Muhammad, Andrea Pasinos, Casey Woluewich, Anaya Seemungal and Sara Roopnarine of the Wheeler Avenue School; and Eric Hernandez, Ahmya McMillan, Rebecca Testani, Lilianna Krsulic and Justyn Santos of the Willow Road School.

Spelling Bee Finalists Recognized

The Board of Education presented awards to four district spelling bee finalists, who each won the Scripps Spelling Bee competition held at each school in the district, on March 24 at its regular board meeting.  

The students all had the opportunity to compete in the Long Island Regional Spelling Bee, held at Hofstra University in February.

The Board of Education and administration extends their congratulations to Emily Seitz of the James A. Dever School, Leah Narain of the Howell Road School, Michaela Sinclair of the Wheeler Avenue School and Hannah Lee of the Willow Road School.  

Scientists and Surgeons for a Day

Sixth-grade students at Howell Road School had the unique opportunity to participate in an activity designed to enhance their science curriculum and provide valuable information about the heart and how it functions.

Students were able to dissect a cow’s heart and examine the various components of the heart to identify the similarities between a cow’s heart and a human heart.

The students worked in groups and collaborated on their findings. As a result of working on this project, several students expressed a heightened interest in pursuing careers in science research and medicine.

It's Your Birthday Dr. Seuss

Kindergarten and first-grade students at James A. Dever School participated in a weeklong celebration of the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Students read many of his beloved books and had the opportunity to complete projects that brought those stories and their messages to life.

The first-grade students learned all about Theodore Seuss Gisele, the famous author and illustrator. They also joined the kindergarten students in a special reading of Green Eggs and Ham. Together with their partner, each pair then completed a writing exercise about foods they did not enjoy eating. It was fun for the students to see how many other students felt the same way. Everyone especially enjoyed wearing hats and bow ties from The Cat in the Hat.

Reading and referencing Dr. Seuss’ books reinforced many of the skills taught in kindergarten and first grade. The students had the opportunity to expand upon their knowledge of rhyming, synonyms, antonyms and prepositions, as well as place value. The students also exhibited their understanding and love for Dr. Seuss by completing many wonderful writing projects. Navigating his website was the “icing on the cake.” It was a memorable and creative week for everyone involved in this very special birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Students at Willow Road School enthusiastically celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Classroom doors and hallways were beautifully decorated in honor of this clever writer and illustrator of children’s books. Students in Ms. Gail Shaw’s kindergarten class celebrated with reading his books and creating their own rhymes. In Mrs. Mairead Dorry's Read 180 class students read a digital article based on Dr. Seuss's biography. Students acknowledged the role Dr. Seuss has played in making reading an enjoyable pastime.

100th Day of School Celebration

In recognition of their 100th day of school, James A. Dever students displayed special projects and participated in numerous activities to celebrate this milestone in their academic careers.

First-grade students presented creative projects to their peers, all pertaining to the number 100. Students demonstrated their math skills by designing poster boards with 100 objects, ranging from pennies to paperclips, and also discussed what they would do with $100.

Second-grade students created 100 piece puzzles as part of their math activity and worked in groups to complete their puzzles.

This special day culminated with the kindergarten students gathering to sing their 100th day song, while wearing their 100th day hats. The 100th day celebration provided the perfect opportunity for students to demonstrate their creativity, math skills and school pride.

A Visit to Remember


Representatives from the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter paid a special visit to kindergarten through second-grade students at the James A. Dever School.

Gelsy and Michelle from the Humane Education Office spoke to the students about the important safety precautions everyone should follow whenever around dogs and cats. They also discussed the responsibilities of owning a pet and laws pet owners must follow.

To add to the excitement of their visit, they brought with them two of their pet therapy dogs, Brandy and Chanel. The students were delighted to learn about the dogs and had the opportunity to pet them and ask questions.

The students had a special surprise for the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. As their way of expressing their appreciation for the visit and to show their concern for the animals in the shelter, the students donated many much-needed items including leashes, bowls, toys and tasty animal treats.

Gelsy and Michelle could not believe the generosity of the Dever students and their families and were so appreciative for the donations. The experience was truly a learning experience for the students, who hope all the animals in the shelter get adopted soon.


Willow Road PTA Reflections Assembly

On March 12th, the Willow Road School held its annual PTA Reflections Assembly. This National Arts Program was designed to encourage students to use their creativity in the arts for fun and positive recognition. Each year, a new Reflections theme is chosen. This year's theme was "The World Would Be A Better Place If…” and many talented students participated in this year’s event. Listed below are this year’s award recipients:

In Visual Arts:
Primary Division (K-2nd):  1st – Aman Powar; 2nd – Ryan Balsan; 3rd – Addison McGrath;
Honorable Mention: Nora Rivera, Alessia Nunnari and Jassica Powar

Intermediate Division (3rd-5th): 1st – Marina Giannone; 2nd – Christian Chimenti;
3rd–Tyler Darnell;
Honorable Mention: Gianni Stavropoulos, Aleena Thomas, Sophia Buccellato, Brianna Mayo and Annaliese Jurena

Middle School Division (6th): 1st – Logan Balsan

Special Artist Division: -1st- Madison Alvarez (Nassau Region Finalist); 2nd - Michael Maressa; 3rd - Caleb Torres
Honorable Mention: Abdullah Rashid, Anaika Senatus and Cedric Balthazard
In Literature:
Primary Division (K-2nd): 1st -Angelina Odone; 2nd- Adriana Silva (Nassau Region Finalist); 3rd- Lauren Orsano
Honorable Mention: Mia Montalbano

Intermediate Division (3rd – 5th): 1st – Matthew Scaturro and Alyssa Reddy; 2nd – Sophia Buccellato and Gracie Martinez; 3rd – Brianna Mayo and Emerson Ruano
Honorable Mention: Nyla Phillips, Olivia McNamara and Samantha Szabo

B.E.A.R. Program Provides Free Books

Through the Willow Road School PTA's partnership with the Scholastic Literacy Program, B.E.A.R. (Be Excited About Reading), students each received a new book. Willow Road School librarian, Ms. CaroleAnne Gravert, greeted each class and explained to the students the importance of becoming lifelong readers and reminded them of how fortunate Willow Road School is to have a very generous and hard working PTA.

The excited children browsed through tables of books and chose one to take home and call their own. Thank you to Melissa Clayton (B.E.A.R. Chairperson) and Nicole Buccellato (PTA Co-President) for their time and effort to ensure the success of this event.

Learning About Journalism


The sixth grade gifted and talented class was involved in a very special journalism unit. In addition to working with a professional editor, the students traveled in small groups to experience several unique and memorable field trips. The students wrote original stories about these experiences as well as other stories from their lives inside and outside of school. Many of these stories will publish in the Kidsday section of Newsday where they will be read by thousands of people across Long Island.

This year, the following people and organizations hosted the students:

Captain Amanda and Captain James Peterson from the Osprey Fishing Fleet in Port Jefferson - The students learned about navigation, oceanography and fishing. They even had the unique opportunity to drive the 75-foot vessel.

Dave Keller and Ralph Collis from Long Island SCUBA in Lindenhurst - The students received more than an hour of equipment and safety instruction and spent more than an hour in the heated pool learning how to properly scuba dive.

Ms. Lainie Litovsky from Lainie's Way, in Port Jefferson - The students and their parents learned about some new and innovative strategic games.

Mr. Don Lawrence and Ms. Gail Mancuso from Mid Island Air Service at MacArthur Airport - The students were able to attend flight school for a day including boarding a corporate jet, touring the tarmac, flying in the training simulator and visiting the control tower to interview the air traffic controllers and U.S. Marshalls.

Mr. Sam Eaton from "The Quantum Eye", a mentalist show, at Theatre 80 in New York City - After this amazing mentalist entertained the students and their parents, they participated in a private interview with Sam in the loft above the theatre. Several of the students and parents were chosen to go on stage during the performance.

Author Jen Calonita - Four six-grade students interviewed this talented writer at the Howell Road School. Ms. Caloita’s latest book, Flunked, takes place at a fairy tale reform school.

Improv-4-Kids at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York - Everyone traveled into the city to watch a performance of this hilarious show. After the show, the students held a private interview with the entire cast.

Makerbot in New York City – The students learned first-hand how to use 3-d printers.

Make Meaning in New York City - Four students participated in a day of crafting including soap-making, candle-making, ceramic painting and desert designs.

The district would like to thank everyone who hosted the students and their parents for providing such a memorable and enjoyable learning experience.



Dever Dentist Visit

In recognition of National Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month, James A. Dever students in grades kindergarten through second grade welcomed Summer from New Wave Orthodontics who spoke on preventive dentistry. 

The students watched a video showing them how to properly floss and brush their teeth. Summer spoke to the children about dental development and purpose of sealants. The students also learned that brushing twice a day for two minutes and cleaning in between your teeth by flossing would help reduce the risk of cavities.  The importance of healthy eating habits and limiting snacks was also discussed.                                      

Every student received an informative coloring book and toothbrush. Thank you to Summer and the New Wave Orthodontics for coming to speak with the children.

Heartfelt Thank You

The district has a long tradition of creating Valentine’s for Veterans greetings and this year was no exception. James A. Dever Elementary School students created heartfelt Valentine’s Day greetings for the country’s veterans who served in our armed forces. These valentines had special messages from the students expressing their appreciation for the men and women who have served.    

Two representatives from each class assembled in the school’s auditorium and presented the greetings to Town of Hempstead Councilmen Edward A. Ambrosino and Bruce A. Blakeman for delivery to the veterans.

Healthy Heart Week at Howell


Students at Howell Road School celebrated Healthy Heart Week with a focus on living a healthy lifestyle starting with making healthy choices. It was a busy week for the students as they learned the importance of proper nutrition and exercise supported by presentations from North Shore LIJ Hospital staff supported by Howell Road PTA.

Throughout the week, three teams from North Shore LIJ Hospital spoke with the students about making healthy choices in their everyday lives. They educated the students from kindergarten through sixth grade on topics such as tobacco prevention, nutrition and the right lifestyle choices for a healthy heart. The presentations were interactive, which allowed the children to participate in demonstrations, games and engaging educational activities. 

Howell Road art teacher, Mrs. Martorana, visualized and brought to life a walk through an artery. The model was constructed and decorated to represent both a healthy and an unhealthy artery. It is always a much-anticipated activity for the students, who moved through a giant artery situated in the gym. Nurses from North Shore LIJ, guided them at each point, explaining the cause and effects of one's choices. In conjunction with all of the PTA supported activities, the Howell staff also focused on activities conveying the same messages to the students. Mr. Olsen and Mrs. Asaro facilitated the Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart programs making it a fun learning experience throughout the week. Mr. Rosenfeld dissected a cow's heart to provide an "in depth" view for the older grades.

The Howell Road Student Council used this opportunity to show their concern for others by collecting a noteworthy donation for the American Heart Association.


Howell Road School Celebrates Chinese New Year


Kindergarten students at Howell Road School celebrated Chinese New Year dressing in red and marching in a grand parade throughout the school. Considered the most important of all Chinese holidays, the New Year celebration begins on the first day of the lunar calendar and ends on the first day of the full moon. This year was the year of the Ram.

During the celebration, the students learned the concept of tradition, and to understand and respect that different groups of people celebrate holidays unique to them.

The students decorated the school hallways with signs that read "Gung hay fat choy," which translates to "Best wishes and congratulations. Have a prosperous and good new year." They also sang songs in celebration of the holiday season and paraded with a traditional paper "dragon," a popular symbol of Chinese New Year that represents strength, goodness and good luck.

The event culminated a week of learning in which students were taught several of the traditions of Chinese New Year, including the handing down of beliefs, legends and customs from generation to generation.


Recognizing Outstanding Music and Art Achievements

On Tuesday, Feb. 24 during the Board of Education meeting, the Board recognized the district’s most accomplished music and art students. On behalf of the Board of Education, administration and staff, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Adrienne Robb-Fund thanked the parents and community for their continued support of the arts and expressed how proud everyone was of the students’ dedication and achievements.

Dozens of students were presented with certificates of recognition in front of their proud family members and community residents. Among those recognized were students who performed at the New York State School Board Association Convention in New York City, All-County music students, and students who participated in the String Festival and Arts Festival.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015